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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

I don’t know where you came from, but I am positive that you don’t yet realize where you are right now and you have no idea how close you are to getting a system that can positively change your life. We’re talking six figures here; loads of money consistently entering your account month after month after month and the best thing is that unlike other systems you might know, you won’t need any of these guys:

But Offline GoldRush is not for everybody, so before we go any further Here's a Quick Question:

Are You an Established
and Successful Internet Marketer,
with Huge Mailing Lists and Consistent Profits?

If the answer is YES this system ISN'T for you, so stop reading here and contact me for a JV.  HOWEVER...

  • If your online ventures to date were less profitable than you'd hoped they would be, this system IS for you!
  • If you tried several new methods, put your heart and soul into them but never achieved the income streams that they promised, this system is certainly for you
  • And if you hate putting the pedal to the metal and spending work, time and money revving up your engine to full speed only to find out after  that you’re stuck in a rut, wheels spinning fast but no forward progress - then read on, as this system is DEFINITELY for you!

So if you’re happy with your online profits and don’t aspire for more, Offline GoldRush really isn’t for you; But if you think that it’s high time that your work and initiative should be rewarded and you’re looking for a system that will finally take your business to the next level, then you really need to sit tight and focus on this video because we will now share with you free of charge a huge revelation about online marketing. In truth, the revelation is simple:

If Working Like Crazy Online
Earned You Next To Nothing


And what makes a  Way Better?

Everybody and his neighbor are out there trying to get rich promoting online businesses. Here are a few numbers:

As of January 2017,
there are 
Over 1,800,000,000
Live Websites

Update Jan. 2017:
New Websites

were set up in 2016

95% of online
businesses fail,
another 4% break even,
make it big time

Unless you're really UNIQUE, whatever you do somebody else will beat you to it or copy you a week later!

With Almost 2.5 Million NEW Sites Added Every Day, Succeeding Online is Now Harder Than Ever

... That's the Problem ...
Here's the Solution!

How about leveraging everything you've learned from all of those other systems to get paid loads of money by offline businesses in your area? Local businesses owners are dying to get online but they don’t know how. They don't have the time or know-how to do it themselves. They need someone who does; They need you! And you need Offline GoldRush!

The Offline GoldRush system leverages unconventional online marketing with a twist, creating an easy 6-figure income from even 10 sales. And with money on your hands you’ll want spare time to spend it, so Offline GoldRush shows you how to get this income flowing in without having to work your socks off.

Consider this:

  • Let’s say you start with only 5 clients. This can mean possibly $50,000 per year
  • And if you have 10 clients – That’s a potential $100,000 per year
  • And with just 50 clients, we’re talking a possible $500,000 every year
  • Excited? No need to get more than 100 clients to enable a potential $1,000,000 per year, every year.

As you can see the power of this business is ridiculous, and this is just with you running things as a one man operation. You won't need to even think about employing anyone until you reach the mid six figure range.

Your Complete Step-by-Step
Business Model

With Offline GoldRush, you'll get Lifetime Access to our Complete Step-by-Step Business Model, right down to the smallest detail, broken up into 12 convenient Video Modules.

  • You'll learn about the offline business niche and how to build a successful, lucrative business,
    how to develop the systems that will keep your business running smoothly,
    how to determine what your services are worth and how to position yourself as an expert.
  • You'll develop an action plan for attracting your first few clients
  • You'll learn who your clients' targeted customers are, which keywords will attract them and how to help them get the most from their web sites, so that visitors will become customers.
  • You'll become a master at branding and creating online identities for your clients.
  • You'll learn how to optimize your clients' web sites to get high rankings on Google and other major search engines.
  • You'll learn to leverage the hidden power of links and online business directories.
  • You'll learn the best free marketing strategies to use in marketing your clients' businesses, and how to track your results
  • You'll learn how to get things rolling so others do all the hard work for you; you’ll just manage the whole shebang and count your profits
  • You'll learn how to work 100% WhiteHat, but we’ll also teach you a few nifty BlackHat tricks, in case you want to boost your income even more, while working even less

Sound Good?It's Better than Good!
It's Inexpensive, Fast and
Best Of All It Really Works!

So stop spending thousands of dollars on books, videos and courses for other systems, only to be let down!

Face it – the online world is grossly overcrowded. With One 2.5 Million new websites added per Day, it’s practically impossible to give your websites an edge and so you end up burning the midnight oil while earning next to nothing.

You’ve learned this the hard way - you’ve been there, done that, and are still waiting for that big break! But leveraging Offline GoldRush’s online tactics into the offline world lets you dance in a wide-open El Dorado.

Three Layers of Easy???

Some of our most profitable and most enjoyable(!) ventures to date involved JVs with other marketers. To help serious marketers join the fold so we can possibly JV together in the future, we've added to Offline GoldRush for a limited time only what we call the "Three Layers of Easy":

Layer of Easy #1 - Special Launch-Price
We've just launched our product and for a very limited time only, we're offering the Full Offline GoldRush "GOLD Edition" at an insanely reduced price.

This discount should enable you to join for much much less than HALF of what you can make in a single day of using the system, so take note that the discount will be offered only for a few days after product launch, after which it will be gone forever.

Layer of Easy #2 - UNIQUE "Secret" System

As if this weren't a huge deal already, the First 50 Buyers will also get an ultra-special bonus: The $750 a Day Secret (Value: $197)

The Secret contains 9 Video Modules designed to have you earning $750 a day almost immediately. It’s so special that we promise you have NEVER seen anything like it. We'll soon launch "the Secret" as a standalone product by itself, but a limited number of copies will be added to the Offline GoldRush "Gold Edition"

Designed for ultra-quick implementation and fast results, the bonus system's "Getting Down to Business" approach makes it alone worth the price of the entire product!

Layer of Easy #3 - Bulletproof, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just to show you how confident we are that our system can work for you, you'll also get my Full 60-Day, Bulletproof, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

My 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee


We know this works. And our beta testers who all made money even in their first month know this works.

But just to make this the easiest decision of your life...

I'm gonna place all the risk on my shoulders.

You can access Offline GoldRush, Get it pulling in profits for you as soon as today.

And I'll even put myself out on a limb, just to prove how confident I am that this will make you money. Take this method, put it to the test for a full 60 days and...

If you're the first person on the face of planet earth that this doesn't make money for, then...

Without question, for whatever reason, or no reason at all, If you're not 100% blown away by the profits you make, just let me know before the 60 days are over and...

I'll refund every penny, with no questions asked whatsoever

And we'll still part as friends.

That's right - you have two risk-free months to check Offline GoldRush and see how it completely transforms your business. I’m taking all of the risks to make sure that you can be wildly successful. It’s really as simple as that.


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That's it, because the bottom line is that

No Matter What Level You Are
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You Need Offline GoldRush

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I have a FULL “no questions asked”  60 Day Money Back Guarantee, by just contacting your support desk.


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There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab Offline GoldRush RIGHT NOW for just a small one-time investment!

I have a FULL “no questions asked”  60 Day Money Back Guarantee, by just contacting your support desk.

In 2017, Competition in Internet Marketing is at an All-Time High...

Day after Day, Small Marketers Get Eaten by the Big Fish.

It's Time to Stop Getting Eaten!

Let me show you how to Swim Where the Big Marketers CAN'T Compete and YOU can Own the Pond.


I'll See You Inside,


Brad McCain